Monday, June 14, 2010

I heart Faces-BABIES!!!!

It's no secret that I love newborns. I love the way they smell. I love the sound they make when they are nursing. I even love the sound of their cry. I did this newborn shoot awhile back and couldn't pick my favorite, so I let my girls pick. I saw my friend Sarah's blog this morning and had to join in! (Sarah and I went to middle school together in Kansas. We are both PK's!)

If you love babies like I do, then please waste many hours drooling over them at I Heart Faces blog.

Time for Tea!

My sweet Olivia turned five last month. She is such a girly girl and wanted a tea party.

We set up in the backyard. I used yards of fabric I had for the tablecloths.
We invited our girly friends.

It was the cutest thing I have ever seen. All these little girls knew exactly what to do. They sat and chatted and mixed their tea.

Marvin wore a tie for the special occasion and doubled as the butler. :)

I made these flowers out of napkins and I found the tutorial HERE.

I made these cupcake toppers in Photoshop and had my mini helpers cut them out. I got the cute vintage tea cup graphic on my favorite blog HERE, The Graphics Fairy. If you look closely, the teacups have Olivia's name on them.

I got all of the tea cups and saucers from the Goodwill for 50 cents. That way they had real tea cups and I didn't care if any of them got broken. But I have to say, all these little girls had really good manners. See those little salt shakers? They actually had sugar in them and everyone had their own sugar shaker. By the end of the party, the girls were just eating sugar straight from the shaker! So cute!

I made real crumpets. If you have never made crumpets, they are delicious! Kinda like thicker pancakes. We spread lemon curd and raspberry jelly and then cream on top of that.

Olivia had a great time and enjoyed her friends. Thank you to all her sweet friends that joined us. Happy fifth birthday, Livi!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Take some time to breathe

The month of May really kicked my bottom. (I only say bottom 'cause the other word is not the one we use in our house.) So much happened and when you have small kids it makes small events take so much more energy. You all understand, right?

When I first started blogging I NEEDED to blog. I needed to know I still had some brain cells. I needed to feel like I was speaking and someone without temper tantrums was listening. We've been busy with our first child in school, MOPS, I photographed my first wedding (yay!), and normal life stuff. Blogging became just one more thing on my long list of things to do. I have missed it and will continue to post more.
Lane graduated from Kindergarten! She did so good and I am so amazed at what they learn in a year. The first year you send your first child off to school can be hard on you. We had to adjust to having a separate schedule for one child. I couldn't just volunteer in her class whenever I wanted because I had other small children that I couldn't take with me. She had to ride the bus and I worried if she got to class ok. The year is finally over and we have a few months off to breath. Next year, two kids in school. I can't believe that have gotten this big already!

In May, Josh and I had our 8 year wedding anniversary. Marriage is not boring, that's for sure. And don't let people tell you that you will get tired of waking up to the same face everyday. I love waking up to that man's face every day.

Olivia turned five, and Addy Mae is completely potty trained. So we have just been taking a little time to relax, play with some rolly pollies, and breath.

(Olivia and Addy on a field trip to the Aquarium with Laney's class. This is the same Aquarium that is shown in the movie Crazy Heart. It was filmed in ABQ.)