Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Meet Marvin

We got a dog. We are technically fostering him, but we are pretty sure we are going to adopt him. We just need to take him to the vet and make sure he's healthy. We went to an adopt-a-thon this weekend to just "look" at puppies. Josh has been wanting a basset hound but we were still up in the air about getting a dog and maybe waiting one more year until the girls were older. The basset hound rescue was there and we went over to pet them. Josh spotted Marvin, Marvin spotted Josh, it was love at first sight.

He's a basset hound/beagle mix. He's 18 months old and fully house trained. I don't think we could have found a better fitting dog for our family. He's the perfect size, not too big to knock the girls over and not too small to get squashed by the girls. Marvin loves the girls and the girls love him. He's very patient with them and lets them love on him. He sleeps in our bed or Olivia's bed at night. He's already been dressed up like a princess and a jedi.

He's awesome on a leash. Laney walks him to the bus stop every morning. Marvin hears when the girls wake up and goes in to kiss them. I can't even tell you how calm he is.

Addison was a little scared of Marvin the first day. She wouldn't get off the furniture without being held. So Josh calmly and slowly introduced them and showed her that Marvin won't hurt her. (She saying, "No Daddy, he bite me!")

He started with a leg touch. She freaked and then laughed.

And now she's on the ground petting him and sitting next to him!

She's still a teeny bit scared if he sneaks up on her or jumps on her bed.

Thursday, April 22, 2010


Addy was napping and the other three were supposed to be having quiet time. Instead, they were fighting and I needed them to be quiet so Addy would take a good nap. I warned them that if they didn't watch their movie and continued to fight, I would make them all take a nap. Of course they continued to fight. I turned the movie off. Made them all close their eyes and get under the covers. I got up to check on them and Savanna was asleep (or so I thought) and the other two were still wiggling. I proceeded to tell them to stop wiggling and go to sleep. Savanna, who is still asleep (or so I thought) says, "I asleep Mama!" She's a really good faker! I had to laugh and everyone else laughed and they did not take a nap that day.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Teeth Happenings

My first baby has lost her first tooth. It has been slightly wiggly for weeks, and got extremely wiggly the past few days. She has been saving money for a camera and knew the tooth fairy would bring her money. Several kids in her class have missing teeth, so she was ready to lose it. She asked me to pull it out!

Since Laney goes to school and has seen other kids lose their teeth, she was fully prepared to lose one. Savanna and Olivia had no idea you lose teeth and new ones eventually grow back. So when I pulled it out, Savanna's jaw dropped and she didn't understand. She said she does not want to lose her teeth.

The tooth fairy left a scroll of a hand written note and five dollars. (After the tooth fairy researched on facebook what the going rate for a first tooth is and then ran to the closest grocery store for some cash.) The note said, brush your teeth and you only get $5 for the first tooth because it is extra special.

I had a little bit of an emotional connection to her tooth that I wasn't expecting. Do you keep or throw away your kids teeth?

Friday, April 9, 2010

Easter 2010





This is the only decent picture of the four of them. I let everyone pick out their own Easter dress this year. Savanna picked a WHITE dress. Of course the messiest kid picked the white dress. I couldn't change her mind and her dress was covered in chocolate by the end of the day.

Easter egg hunt at home.

I dressed Savanna that morning and I put her dress on backwards. I didn't notice until after we came home from church.

I made carrot cake cupcakes.

The day was so perfect. We went to church as a family. New Mexico is very windy this time of year and there was almost no wind that day.