Monday, April 19, 2010

Teeth Happenings

My first baby has lost her first tooth. It has been slightly wiggly for weeks, and got extremely wiggly the past few days. She has been saving money for a camera and knew the tooth fairy would bring her money. Several kids in her class have missing teeth, so she was ready to lose it. She asked me to pull it out!

Since Laney goes to school and has seen other kids lose their teeth, she was fully prepared to lose one. Savanna and Olivia had no idea you lose teeth and new ones eventually grow back. So when I pulled it out, Savanna's jaw dropped and she didn't understand. She said she does not want to lose her teeth.

The tooth fairy left a scroll of a hand written note and five dollars. (After the tooth fairy researched on facebook what the going rate for a first tooth is and then ran to the closest grocery store for some cash.) The note said, brush your teeth and you only get $5 for the first tooth because it is extra special.

I had a little bit of an emotional connection to her tooth that I wasn't expecting. Do you keep or throw away your kids teeth?

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Married with Kitties said...

The thing about Savanna just cracked me up!