Saturday, October 31, 2009

Roasted Pumpkin seeds

I sauteed one clove of garlic in a little bit of olive oil. On medium heat.

Then I added two big chunks of butter. I think it was like 4 TBLS. I'm sorry I didn't measure. I'm an eyeballer.

Then I added 3 big spoonfuls of brown sugar. Stir.

Add 1/4 tsp of allspice (I would of used cinnamon, but Addy is allergic to it.) Stir.
My house smells very, very good right now.

Add the clean and dry pumpkin seeds to the mixture in the pan. Stir.

Pour onto a greased baking sheet(I sprayed mine with cooking spray). Sprinkle a handful of salt over the top. And put into a pre-heated oven of 250 degrees.
Roast for about 30-40 minutes.

Yummy. I'm using mine for a topping on pumpkin soup tonight. Happy Halloween!

Last year's Halloween

I have several SD cards that are full of pictures that I need to save to a disc. I was loading some pictures onto the computer today to free up one of my discs. How funny that the pictures on here were from last fall/Halloween. Oh My Gosh! My kids have gotten so big in the last year.

Addy at the same pumpkin patch we went to this year.

Wow! That year went by really fast. Were my babies really that small?!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Snow Day... well snow hour

It snowed here yesterday! This was the view from my kitchen window at approximately 2:30 p.m. I love snow and I love taking snow pictures.

My red headed children weren't napping or they would have missed the "snow storm".

It was for reals snowing. Big, ground covering snowflakes.

Snowflakes in the eyelashes.

Addison woke up at the very end, but still got to see it. In fact, she woke up, went to Laney and Olivia's room, looked out the window and said, "Oooooh!"

This was the view from my kitchen window at 3:45 p.m. We still had hot chocolate and warm pie for snack when Lane got home from school.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Finding ways to save for Christmas.

I know this year, Christmas is going to be hard for a lot of people. I know several families hurting in these hard economic times. I've been entering different contests and trying to find ways to get good deals, so we can save on Christmas this year.

I just found this thing called Swagbucks. There is a button on my sidebar. You install it on your toolbar and use it as your search engine and you can earn Swagbucks. You can then use your swagbucks for prizes. One prize is a $5 Amazon gift card. It takes like 45 Swagbucks to get a $5 gift card. And all you have to do is do searches through them instead of your normal search engine. It's worth it to me to try. Go check it out at

Search & Win

Thursday, October 22, 2009

This year's Halloween costumes.....

This year we are reusing costumes we already have. Laney wanted to be Ahsoka Tano from Star Wars the Clone Wars, but I talked her into being Princess Leia from last year. Her costume actually fits her better this year. I love this Star Wars fan.

Both girls wanted to be Snow White. Thankfully we had two Snow White costumes. They still fought over one of the dresses. I try to take their Halloween pictures before the day of Halloween. That way they can have fun and not have their mother in their face with the camera all day.

Addy had a choice of Jessie from Toy Story 2 or a ballerina and this is what she picked.

(I got all the vintage Halloween clip art from HERE, and the background from HERE.)

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Pumpkin patch

Today was pumpkin patch day. Really, it doesn't get any cuter than this. She asked me to put her piggy in her overalls.

There is this pumpkin patch down they street that is so awesome. The build it on a corner lot from scratch. It's a fundraiser for a horse ranch that helps kids. They have all sorts of fun free games. This was the ring toss.

Up next, the corn maize. (And more of Addy's cute piggyness.) I so DID NOT go into the maize to get a picture and then realize that I was the parent that was supposed to wait on the outside for the kids to appear. I then DID NOT proceed to get lost in the maize and briefly freak out that the kids were going to make it out first.

The bean bag toss.

They also have free horse back riding, but Addy was too little, so she rode the pretend horsey. It was actually for ropin', but even Daddy couldn't master that one. There was this adorable little boy ropin' everything in sight and I almost took his picture. But then that would be weird and I wouldn't want some other mom taking my kids picture and posting it on their blog. I'm pretty sure his parents were the ones that run the horse ranch.

Maybe she was thinking the same thing that I was. I wish I was Pioneer Woman and lived on a ranch in the middle of nowhere! Or maybe she was just thinking about how much she wished she was playing that game.

The red heads about to high five on their separate horses.
Wait for it...

There it is!

We did it!

My adventure girl on her horse. She just got back from helping to save a little girl that was lost in the corn maize. Be still my heart.

See? It was actually a little warm today. I was excited about fall adventures and dressed us too warmly.


The girls wanted to carve their pumpkins. We said no. They then wanted to clean the pumpkins with baby wipes. I said yes. They did this with the baby wipes.

This is the pumpkin Savanna picked out of all the pumpkins. I'm pretty sure it was THE smallest pumpkin there.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta

One of the very cool things about Albuquerque, is the Balloon Fiesta. It's every year in October.

You can purchase tickets and be at ground zero where they blow up the balloons and take off. They start very early in the morning. I want to go in the future, Right now, I don't really think it's time to get four small kids dressed and then try to keep track of them in the middle of thousands of people. Maybe next year.

We did park on a cliff, early in the morning, wearing our jammies, where several of the balloons land. It's awesome and free!

Addie's there too, just behind some one's head.

It was a little chilly.

All those tiny dots are all the balloons in the distance right after they have taken off. Or lifted or whatever you call it.