Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Take a picture, it will last longer.

It snowed here last Thursday. It was the perfect snow day. The roads weren't messy, but it snowed just enough to make everything beautiful. And it snowed all day long. It rarely snows here so I took thousands of pictures. Take a picture, it will last longer.

Snow is yummy!

I realize the red heads are wearing coats that look like I bought them in 1982. My husband said, "Babe, why did you buy them coats with shoulder pads?" And I said, "I bought them on clearance at Dillard's two years ago for $6." Sometimes, I see a good deal and don't bother to try things out to see if they fit. Who knew they still made coats for kids just in case they had gigantic shoulders!

Let's eat snow together! Yum!

Her Daddy "accidentally" hit her with a snow ball.

It was very traumatic for our very sensitive baby.

Daddy likes to throw snowballs at our girls.

Our girls are smart and run inside and hide.

Tulla the cat even came outside.

Josh likes to throw her in the snow.

Weirdest snowman of all time.

Laney came home from school. Her first instinct was to throw a snowball at me.

Just like someone else I know!

It really was the best day ever.


SillyHille said...

Love it! I forget that it doesn't snow so much everywhere and sometimes it really IS a nice sight to see! Your daughters look totally thrilled with it! The cat... not so much.... :)

Married with Kitties said...

I liked this blog!! :) Very heart warming!