Sunday, June 14, 2009

Banana Pudding

One of my favorite desserts is banana pudding or banana cream pie.  I decided to make my own easy version of this recipe.  I made this for Kayla when she was here.  So here we go.....
One box of VANILLA pudding.  (You will need milk to make the pudding.)

Two very ripened bananas.  These here are perfect!

Mini Nilla wafers were perfectly sized.

Follow the directions on the back of the pudding box to make the pudding.

Mash up the very ripe bananas.

Once you are done making the pudding and while the pudding is still warm, mix in the mashed bananas.

Pour into serving dishes and put them into the fridge until chilled.  It says you can serve it warm, but I don't care for it warm.

Once chilled, add mini vanilla wafers.  

I made homemade whipped cream but you can use the already made version if you'd like.

Enjoy!  Wasn't that super easy?

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