Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Bathing Beauties!!!

We have a community pool a few minutes walk from our house.  So I have been taking the girls at least once a week.  It only costs me $2.50!  We pack a lunch and it wears the girls out.

Addy Mae is very cautious in the water.  She gets in, splashes, never sits down, and then gets back on the side of the pool where it's safe.  She looks adorable in here polka dot bikini.

Savanna loves the water, but usually keeps her head above water.

Laney and Olivia swim like maniacs!  They have zero fear and their heads are constantly under water. 

I guess the sunglasses must be on, even under the water.

Random strangers kept telling me how cute they were right here.  And I have to admit, God gave me some of the cutest kiddos ever!  

Laney is getting so tan, it looks like she's still wearing her swimsuit when she's naked.

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