Thursday, July 2, 2009

What on Earth have I been doing for Heaven's sake...

I haven't blogged in a few days and I was trying to remember why I hadn't.  Oh right, now I remember!  My sweet baby Addy has decided she will no longer be the sweet baby, and insists on acting her soon to be age, 2.  My red headed children are another story.  (The above photo is of no relation to this post, but my husband asked my if I put a picture of his father's day gift on my blog.  That what his gift.  He's weird.  And we now have a stinky dead cow head hanging on our house.)

I'm pretty sure the red heads had a secret red headed meeting, where they vowed to never fight with each other again.  Being they have red hair and all, maybe they'd better team up to drive their Mama crazy.  It's working.  They now team up to wreak havoc all over the house and then pretend it wasn't them. 

We have a fridge lock, but it doesn't lock the freezer.  The red heads love ice cream and have been super sneaky, sneaking two pints and one container of Dibs in one week.  Fun Times!!  A couple of red heads duped up on sugar.  They even give their baby sister a bite.  I'm sure I taught them a real good lesson, about me being the boss around here, by taking a picture of their shenanigans.  They look real scared.

Laney has been a peach like always.  I'm just trying to keep her busy, she gets bored.  We've been going to our community pool often.  We also go to the library once a week and get new books.  Laney got an awesome Star Wars book this week.  Today she said, "If I could only read."  Very soon, baby, very soon.

As for me, I've been trying to get up before Josh goes to work, to exercise.  I'm trying to get rid of my child bearing hips.  Addy's almost two and if she's our last one, I don't need my child bearing hips anymore.  And if we do have another one (baby that is), I'm sure my child bearing hips will grow right back.

I went to see "The Proposal" a couple of nights ago with a neighbor friend.  We went after the kids were in bed.  It was a very good movie!  I laughed the entire time.  I think my husband might have enjoyed it also. That's my movie review of the week.  You might not get another one for some time, 'cause I don't get to the movies very often.

Today, Josh and I hired three neighborhood girls to watch our girls while I went through our endless amount of storage bins.  I usually start a big project like that and never finish.  I'm sure you can imagine why.  It was nice to spend time doing stuff like that with my husband.  Kind of like a date, where it's 95 degrees out in the garage and we both stink.  When you have small kids running around, you get what you can take.  The babysitters were awesome.  I'm sure we will do that again, if we need to get something done.
And now after reading four different books and singing four different bed time songs and tucking four little girls into bed, I'm tired.  I'm off to take a bath and paint my toenails.  Maybe even have a piece of chocolate cake.


Nona said...

chocolate cake is my favorite enjoy!!

Gina said...

we have an antelope skull on our fireplace and another one in our garage; it's not so bad. he has some of his things hanging at his office.
sorry the girls are giving you such a rough time, maybe this week will be better? I still want to have you guys over, we'll be back in town after the 20th, I'll give you a call!-Gina

Married with Kitties said...

The image of the redheads sneaking around causing havoc and then pretending it's not them is just hilarious!! You should right a childrens book about their "adventures" and then have your artist friend illustrate!! :)