Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Laney's first Field Trip!

Laney's very first field trip was to The New Mexico State Fair! She was sooooo excited to go. Olivia and I went with her class. I gave Lane the choice of having Olivia come or stay home and she said she wanted Olivia to come.

Laney's teacher is a very smart woman for choosing these tied dyed field trip shirts. There were so many classes there from several different schools, and this class was the only one with tied dyed. That little boys name is Jacob G., not to be confused with.......

Jacob C. who is Laney's new best school friend. I knew it would be a boy. She gets along so well with all kids, but she plays well with boys. She just likes all the cool stuff boy kids do like, skateboarding and light saber duels. This little boys parents were there also and I told them we hear about Jacob C. all the time. They said Jacob talks about Laney all the time, too!

They played duck, duck, goose. You can tell by Laney's face that she kept getting skipped over.

The teacher kept saying, "Pick someone who hasn't gone yet." Laney still didn't get picked. Then the teacher said, "Raise your hand if you haven't been picked yet."

And Laney gets picked!!!!!

Go Lane, Go!

We watched a performing pig show. This was actually way cuter than I thought it was going to be. The kids all loved it and the crowd was packed.

Who doesn't want to watch a pig skateboard.

This was a six month old performing pig that they got to pet after the show.

This little girl is Jacob C's little sister. She and Olivia hit it off.

Laney had the chance to come home with me. She instead chose to go back to school. I love that weirdlo. (name that Disney movie)

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