Wednesday, August 4, 2010


It's monsoon season here in the southwest. I love monsoon season. The clouds roll in in the afternoon and we've seen some pretty amazing storms.

There was a night were the storm was all around us. It was raining or lighting above us, the perfect time to try and catch some lightning on "film".

I took hundreds of photos just to get these handful of lighting shots. Like hundreds and hundreds of black pictures I went through and deleted.

It was worth it though, to see the power of a storm.

Last night a monsoon rolled in and Savanna said, "You don't need to be scared of lighting 'cause Jesus makes lighting."

(These photos are unedited. These were the true colors that the storm and lighting produced.)


Deanne said...


Beautiful pictures! While on a business trip many years ago, I traveled to the city of Detroit and stayed at a hotel on the 15th or 20th floor (way beyond my comfort zone). I opened the massive curtains to discover I had floor to ceiling wall of windows and watched an amazing electric storm. I kept waiting for rain, none came. Just amazing lightening flashing through the sky.

Married with Kitties said...

Awesome!! Nice display of talent! :)(and dedication!!)