Friday, August 6, 2010

Who drank all my coffee creamer?

Mama has good ears. I'm sure every Mom is on the listen for certain sounds throughout the day. When you have a newborn, you learn that different sounds that they make mean different things. As they age you learn that they have a fake cry, and a hurt feeling cry, and the real hurt cry. You also learn that some noises mean TROUBLE. Like silence, and the sound of the fridge door hitting the wall.

Mama (coffee addict)- "Who drank all my coffee creamer?"
2 yo and 3 yo (new creamer addicts)- "Not us!"
Mama- "But I can see it dripping off your face!"


it's not ez being Gies-y said...

Oooooh, how funny! Those kinda moments are the ones when i'm laughing and trying to chastise at the same time. You did the right thing: break out the camera and blog :)

Married with Kitties said...

The pictures of Savanna and Addy at the end are AWESOME!!!! So hilarious!!!

Denise said...

oh, that is hilarious! i LOVR tha you blogged this!