Monday, November 16, 2009


Laney has been DYING to have a sleepover. If you have girls you will understand that she was possible literally dying to have a sleepover. Most of our little friends are too young for sleepovers. They would miss their much loved Mama's too much. Insert new friend Bethany, here. I'm good friends with her mom and the kids have never played together because they go to school. She's a couple of years older than Laney, but they get along famously. Can I just say that sleepovers are a lot of work for the mom, but totally worth it when you see how much fun they are having.

Pancakes for breakfast.

This would be my front row seat view to the fashion show of the year.

One word: SASS!

I even let B and L paint their own toenails! My favorite Bethany quote was when Olivia asked what that smell was, referring to the nail polish, Bethany said, "That's the smell of beauty."


Married with Kitties said...

Love it! And that last Bethany quote was hilarious!

it's not ez being Gies-y said...

That's my girl!!!