Friday, November 6, 2009

Halloween with Friends!

One of my good friends' husband was going to be out of town for Halloween, so I invited her and her three kids over. Not that I wouldn't have invited you Heather if your husband was in town. :) I'm so glad they came over, because the kids had the best time. So did I!

We made these cute little paper dolls that you could dress up in their Halloween costume. I got this free printable from

Trick or Treat!

She was Taylor Swift. My little girls got confused and kept calling her Tyler. Her real name is Bethany.

I like me some CANDY!

I thought Addy would be scared of Trick or Treating, but she LOVED it!


Married with Kitties said...

Soo cute!! And that ballerina baby sure is a show stealer! :) Nice work with the arrows and costume identification!!

SillyHille said...

Love it! They looked like they had an awesome time!