Monday, December 7, 2009

The Beard.

I didn't use to like it when my husband grew out his beard. I know that's weird, but now I'm in love with his beard. He's so handsome with a beard. When people see me with the girls and I'm without my husband, they ask me if he has red hair! Picturing my husband with red hair makes me laugh. He does have red hair in his beard, though!

The other night I looked over at my husband and thought, " Wow! Have I really been married to this man for 7 and a half years?" "Did we really have four girls together?" I didn't ask myself those questions in a "who is this person I'm married to" way. But in a "time flies and I'm such a lucky girl" kind of way.

I like the beard.

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SillyHille said...

Aww! Brett also has a beard (year round) and I've also become fond of it!
We are lucky ladies to have such hairy, wonderful husbands!