Friday, December 25, 2009

A Christmas letter

As a mother of four small children, I've always longed for a day when my kids could finally do something for themselves. A day when we could take them out in public and they don't always make a scene. I longed for a day when we could make gingerbread houses and I didn't have to be the only person who is able to actually understand the concept of making a gingerbread house without destroying it. A day where we could go to a Christmas eve candlelight service as a family and actually enjoy it. This is the first year where I've had glimpses of life outside of small children land. It's a very overwhelming feeling when you realize that your children REALLY will not be small for long. I've been looking at pictures of the girls from last Christmas. They have grown so much in the last year. I'm overwhelmed with pride, nostalgia, love, and longing. Josh and I are so blessed to be their parents. Suddenly, I don't want to let them grow up. I want four kids in diapers again.

Addison: The only child we have in diapers right now. She's playing the "I'm the baby" card for as long as she can. We are loving every minute of her being two. She's a mamma's girl and I love her for it. She is by far the easiest two year old we have ever had. She warms everyone she meets with her big brown eyes and tiny voice. Her sisters have finally welcomed her into the big girl club and she couldn't be happier. We love you Addy Mae.

Savanna: She is definitely our most unique child. I mean that in a very loving, motherly way. Sometimes, it's hard for me to explain her personality. Have you ever seen the movie "The Family Stone"? The character that Rachel McAdam's plays is how I see Savanna when she's older. She loves her family. She is very loyal. Once you pass her test, she will love you for life. She's just one of those kids who's a very good judge of character and is choosy about who she lets in her life. The characteristic trait that she shares with her Daddy. She's very loving and sweet. She's a Daddy's girl. Sharing has been her biggest challenge this year. We are certain she will master it by next Christmas. We love you so much Savanna Grace.
Olivia: This picture of her is very true to life. She is our sweet girly girl. That's saying a lot when you have three sisters. She loves to wear dresses. She tells me I look pretty. She's the most affectionate and would never hold back a kiss or a hug. She wants to get married and kiss boys. (I know, I know. Poor Josh.) She loves to dance and looks like a ballerina. As soon as we possibly can, we are going to put her in ballet. She is very musical, loves to sing and plays her imaginary musical instruments. Olivia Claire, we love your fairy, imaginary, girly ways. xoxo

Laney: She is the coolest kid. Seriously. She started Kindergarten this year. And as much as I miss her at home, she is doing really well and loves school. I could tell that math was her thing. Her teacher confirmed that fact at our parent teacher conference. Her teacher also said she is the nicest most genuine child in the class and is consistently wanting to help others. Wow! The best compliment ever. As most parents know, Josh and I cannot take credit for it. She has a heart of gold. She remains an avid Star Wars fan. She turns 6 in four days. By far the most responsible sister. Laney Rose, we are so proud to be your parents. Love you to the moon and back. (P.S. If it's not too much trouble, could you please stop growing up so fast.)

Merry Christmas from the Staples family. December 2009


SillyHille said...

Michele, you got me all misty-eyed and I've never even MET your girls!!
And honestly, I have always been scared to have a sister for Madigan- since I never had one and I don't quite know how girl + girl (sister) relationships work! But I have to say that your blogs make me realize that sisters have a special bond that it would be hard to go through life without! :)

Nicole said...

I'm misty eyed too. You are making my momma gene flair up! Don't tell Jake that though. :)