Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Grandma Sherry's Macaroni Salad

Grandma Sherry to the girls, not to me.  If she was my Grandma, that would age her way too much.  Grandma Sherry is my husband's step mom, and she makes a mean macaroni salad.  In fact, any time I make any salad with mayo and noodles, Josh always tells me something is missing.  He says, "Maybe you should ask Sherry what's in her salad."  And because I love my husband and food is the way to his heart, I asked.  Actually we went to Calin's house for a Bar-B-Que, while we were in California, and Grandma Sherry brought her macaroni salad.  I asked, and now am sharing with you.  Because it really is the yummiest macaroni salad I have ever had.

3 stalks of celery cut into tiny pieces (I forgot this part)

Make your hard boiled eggs.

Boil your noodles.

Cut up about 15 little sweet pickles.

The ingredients.

The spices I used.

I used 5 heaping spoonfuls of mayo.  I used the big spoon.  You know, like with your silverware you get a little spoon and a big spoon.  I'm sure it has a more dignified name, but I have no idea what it is.  I also put the yolks of the hard boiled eggs in with the mayo.  I don't know if Grandma Sherry does this, but it sounded like a good idea.  You have to mash it with a fork and get it good and mixed up.

This is about how much egg and pickle mixture you need.

The mustard.  I actually ended up putting twice this amount in the end.

The seasoned salt, and again I put twice this amount in.  So completely cover the top with seasoned salt and you should be good.

The garlic.  This is a good amount.

The celery salt.  Use twice this amount also.  Promise it's not too much.

Add a little pepper and mix it up.  You want a nice creamy yellow color and lots of specks, like so.

After you drain the noodles, add the pickle and eggs.

Add the dressing.

And, ta-da, you have the best macaroni salad in the world.  This makes plenty of salad for lots of people.  Or several meals in a row.

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Happy McNally Mom said...

I wish so badly I could master that salad. Right now at this moment I have salad envy.