Sunday, April 5, 2009

Savanna says by by to the baba

I'm not sure where or when we started calling the pacifiers baba's.  It happened sometime between Savanna and Addy.  But that is what they call them.  We have no set time when we decide to take the pacifiers away.  It has been different with each one of them.  I just felt like it was time for Savanna.  For a spilt second, I thought about taking Savanna and Addison's away at the same time, but I don't think Addison is ready.  I took Savanna to the toy store.  She got to pick out whatever toy she wanted and then "paid" for it with her pacifiers.  I had talked this over with Savanna several times this week and she was excited to go.  She was excited at the store and completely understood what we were doing.   I really expected a meltdown when it came time to hand over the baba's to the sales clerk.  She impressed me.  I was more nervous and sad than she was.  I love that kid so much.  Here's our trip to the toy store in pictures.  She did ask for her baba while I was tucking her in for bed.  She said she wanted to go get them from the store.  I told her she couldn't.  She paused, thought, and said, "I can have Addy's baba."  Stinker.  I ended up laying with her for a few minutes so she could go to sleep.  I know she's gonna be stealing Addy Mae's pacifiers.  Laney was notorious for stealing pacifiers and sucking them behind the couch.  It's so weird how any time we come to these milestones with the girls, they suddenly look so much older.

That's a lot of pacifiers.  And at times we somehow managed to loose them all and then find them again!

 She wanted the mini FJ cruiser.  I don't blame her, it was pretty darn cool.

She picked the girly blocks.  We don't have any lego like blocks and she loves them.

 Giving it one last suck while in line at the register.

Totally out of focus, but it all happened so fast.

  It's funny but I didn't notice how sad she looked until I started posting these pictures.  Poor thing.  Her baba's were her one true comfort.  Now we are on to bigger and better things. 


Sarah Hille said...

Awww.... this makes me sad in a "going-to-have-to-face-it" in the future kinda way...
She looks so contemplative in that last one... like she's pondering if she made the right choice or not.
What a big girl she is!! Hooray for you Savanna!

kristi said...

what a great idea to use the pacifiers to "buy" a toy. very smart.

Charisse said...

Awww...this is so sad...I have been lurking around every so often and today I finally decided to comment. Please forgive me for taking so long.

You picture story is precious. I love the choice you gave her for her "babas." That is unique. I doubt I would have ever thought of anything like that. I had a tough time - that I am still dealing daugher hardly used a pacifier...she didn't care for them at all. My problem is that she sucks her fingers. The index finger and her middle finger. Together. Upside down. We are mostly stopped...except that she still does it at night when she is sleeping.

PS - my daughter has the same dress that your youngest daughter has on in your blog headline with the yellow and pink and brown.