Thursday, April 9, 2009

Pictures, because I don't have any more room on my walls

I was playing with my new remote control for my camera.

Note to self:  Make sure the remote is not in the picture and subjects aren't playing video games.

Oooh.  Don't you remember taking these kinds of pictures when you were first dating or married.  I wonder if he would make me take this down if he knew I put it on my blog:)  He was to engrossed in the video game to know that I was taking a picture with my nifty remote.

My kids do this all the time.  They stare at the neighbor kids while they are playing.  We need higher fences.  Neighbors will you please invite my kids over to play?  They only want to jump on your trampoline!

Sisterly love!

This one is a little out of focus and the lighting is off, but I still wanted to share it.

Love this one of Laney.  She is so photogenic.

My sweet Addy Mae.  I can't stop taking her picture.  I want her to stay this age forever.

"Your dog is muy, muy, muy bad.  Mucho naughty!"  That's what she was saying on the pretend phone.  I'm not making this stuff up.   This red head has a really awesome talent.  She can recite lines from a movie, even if she has only heard it once.  She pretends she can't hear me, but I've got your number Livi.  


Happy McNally Mom said...

I can't wait to give those little ones a Big Auntie hug!!!!!

A Week In The Life of A Redhead said...

Wow four girls. I am so impressed. Redheads too. I think there must be some place special in heaven for you - lordy girl!