Tuesday, April 21, 2009

We are back!

We are back from vacation to California.  And I have to say, I am exhausted!  Two days in the car with my kids almost drove me nuts.  I just vegged today to try and get my senses back.   They were awesome on the way there, but very tired on the way back.  It was totally worth it to see family that we love.  We had a blast.  I took tons of pictures, but will take my time posting them through out the week.

Here's some pictures that are super funny to me.  Hopefully they make you laugh, too.

I guess this is what boys do.  I have no idea.  My nephew is definitely teaching me what boys are all about.

Here's my nephew Aidan, bolting from the scene.  This picture makes me laugh really hard.

Ok, well these next two pictures are of myself.  I was trying to get my darn remote to my camera to work.  These were the only two times it worked and I obviously was not ready!  I ended up just using the timer on the camera.  It's funny to see everyone in the back.  Maybe they were thinking, "How long is Michele gonna make us stand in the middle of nowhere?" "Does she have any clue as to what she is doing?" 
Guys, I really don't!

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Threeblacklabs said...

About those darn remotes! Why is it when you have everyone ready it doesn't work but when you stand in front of it, it does? We have a bunch of those pictures too. A scrunched up face full of wonder "is this thing working"? Sometimes we wonder if Nikon is playing an irritating joke on us, in your case, Canon. I love the pictures though, that is a load of people to get together (because you guys are all over the place). Way to go! Such special pictures because you took them. Thanks for sharing.