Friday, August 21, 2009

Kindergarten Shenanigans Part 1

We ventured as a family of six to meet Laney's Kindergarten teacher. I have to admit I had a little, but understandable, emotional breakdown the night before. I know people see mom's cry when they drop off their Kindergartner's and they think they understand why. I'm not sad because I'm worried about Laney fitting in, I'm not sad about some other lady getting to see my daughter for most of her day, I'm sad because for the past 5 1/2 years I have gotten to know the coolest little wanna be padawan (Star wars, people get with the program) ever. She's sweet, she's independent, she has a heart of gold, she's sassy, she wants to be a Jedi, she loves hello kitty, she thinks that becoming a Kindergartner means she can walk to the mailbox by herself, and I am going to MISS HER!
She brought her own camera along. She wants me to "upload" her pictures to the computer. (Her words not mine.) I'll do a blog post next week of her pictures.

I figured bringing the kids along would give the teacher a good idea of what Laney's life is like at home. Wonderful and totally crazy. This is where my baby will be drinking water from during the day while two little red heads will be turning my fake blond hair........grey.

This is Ms. Barbara. I feel much better after meeting her teacher and seeing her classroom. She is very nice and has a lot of patience. I know because she let our other three children play in her classroom, and flush her potty and pound on the computer keys, and color on the table with a dry erase marker and she never once lost her patience.

This one of the play areas.

They also have a real kitchen where they cook and do science experiments.

The classroom was awesome and I know Laney will have a blast. Did you know at the end of the year Laney will know how to read and do simple addition and subtraction? I distinctly remember studying colors and shapes in my Kindergarten class.


Progressive Pragmatist said...

Kindergarten teachers have the patience of saints. There is a special spot in heaven for someone who spends their day launching 20 5-year-olds children into school.

Laney will have a great time!

SillyHille said...

oh, I got all emotional reading your post- I hate the thought of sending my child to Kindergarten! Be strong, mama- you know this is where she needs to be to feed her strong mind and eventually turn into a beautiful, smart, sharp woman (like her mom!)
Amazing how fast these first years fly...