Thursday, August 6, 2009

The P family

These are our dear friends, The P family. My husband has known Jill since junior high and Dan since high school. They just had their second baby boy. Being we were going to be in their neighborhood, I asked them if I could take pictures of their family to get some more experience under my belt. It had nothing to do with wanting to hold, smell, cuddle their newborn baby. Thank you Parish family for letting me invade your space and take up your precious time with your new family of four.


Happy McNally Mom said...

These turned out great.

Jill said...

Love them Michele! Thank you so much for such an awesome keepsake!

SillyHille said...

oh, newborns... sweet beautiful newborns.
Why did you have to take a picture of such a sweet baby (and family)?! Now I have that baby-crazy feeling, and I'm blaming you! :)