Thursday, August 20, 2009

My husband built a bed

Last weekend, we were visiting the neighbors behind us and the dad was in the garage building a loft bed for their pre-teen daughter. I am so glad we went over there at the exact time he had all his tools out. It made my husband miss all his lovely tools that are packed away in our garage. On his next day off, he started making a bed for one of our girls. (Thank you Tanya for asking your husband to make a bed, because it planted wonderful ideas in my husband's head.)

He used no plans. He made all the measurements and designed the bed himself. I'm so glad someone in our household is good at math.

Tools are cool. For him, not me. I just like to see what he can do with them.

We had three girls in one king sized bed. It worked for awhile, but Olivia and Savanna.... let's just say, they needed to be separated.

Tada! I've seen my husband remodel houses, but I had no idea he could do this. I'm praying for a children's bed company in the future.
Savanna got the new bed. He will be making one for each of them in the future. He's already working on new designs.

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