Friday, February 27, 2009

Addison and her Eczema (warning: skin irritation photos)

Today I had to take Addison to the urgent care doctor because she had an outbreak of some sort on her skin.  Addison has had eczema since she was very little.  It started as red patches on her cheeks when she was around two months old.  I self diagnosed her eczema (thanks to webMD)and even though it never really goes away, we had it under control.  We also found that she has a latex allergy.  These two things coincide.  A few days ago, Savanna got a rash on her chin, and it turned into impetigo.  It cleared up just from cleaning it twice a day and applying a antibiotic ointment to it.  However, Addison's very sensitive skin already afflicted with eczema, picked up the bacteria from Savanna's rash.  Yesterday her skin was severely broken out.  It spread like wildfire and this morning I couldn't believe a baby's skin could look like hers did.  After getting some antibiotics from the doctor today, I have an appointment with a pediatrician on Monday.  Who will hopefully recommend a dermatologist and allergy specialist for my little Addy Mae.  

I feel like the worst mother for letting this happen to her.  I think the reason I am posting this is for awareness purposes.  And for other parents who's children could possibly have eczema.  I thought I had already done a lot of research, but after doing more research today, there were so many more things I should be doing to help control it.  With my previous research I found that most babies outgrow their eczema.  So naturally this would apply to Addison!  But after today, I don't think this is the case for her.  

There are several types of eczema. But most people suffer from the main four types.  Turns out Addison has THREE of the four main types.  She has Atopic eczema, which basically means it's genetic and can come and go whenever it pleases.  The second type is Contact Dermatitis, which means she breaks out when she comes in contact with things she is allergic to.  Like latex.  (Which we found she was allergic to this summer, when she broke out in hives and her lips got swollen after being in her baby floaty in the pool.)  I've always had a suspicion that she was allergic to bananas, and the same proteins that are in latex are in bananas and avocados.  The third type that she has is called hand eczema.  It is a more rare form of eczema and is chronic.  The rashes on her hands, I can never get to go away.  I just assumed it was because she uses her hands to do everything, so it was harder to go away.  My poor baby.  If only I had done more research sooner.  She also has spots behind her knees, on her heels, the front of her feet, her elbows and of course her hands.   She will probably always suffer from eczema and it might get better as she gets older.  

Needless to say, the Staples family will be changing a few things around our house to help prevent Addison's outbreaks and keep her skin condition at bay.  We will be changing our detergent.  I'm gonna start using  a mild soap on her at bath time.  Dove was recommended to me by another mom who's baby has eczema.  I found several pairs of her jammies that have elastic in the feet around the spot that is always irritated on her foot.  And also elastic around the wrists where she also has irritations.  Elastic is made from rubber which is Latex.  All of her socks have elastic in them.  Elastic in the waistband is usually OK, because it's covered by material.  But I do know she has some jeans where the elastic is exposed. 

Here's my Addy Mae still smiling after her long day at the doctors.  And despite her terribly itchy skin.  (Her five year old sister in the background who has a sore throat.  Laney saw me get my camera out and said' "Mom, you cannot take a picture of me when I'm sick!")

     I had to put gauze on her bad spots, so she wouldn't scratch them.

This spot on her foot is really bad, and the bandage looks so sad.

Here's a picture of what one of her wrists looks like.  This isn't what it normally looks like.  This is infected eczema. (Looking at this picture makes me cry and vow that I will not let this happen again.) 


Anonymous said...

hi there, sorry to hear about your baby. : (
poor thing, i sure hope that she starts feeling better soon.

aubrey has eczema (very very mild) - it is just genetic - she has a spot on her chin, we use california baby products to help her eczema (and she can use it cause it has no gluten in it) -shampoo and conditioner, bubble baths and lotions. and even though she is 4 we still use dreft for all of her clothes (again gentle on the skin, and good for the celiac disease issue). i know that you are probably going to be doing some research to see what is best for addy, so i just thought i would share what has worked for us.

and p.s. you are a GREAT MOMMY!!!

michelestaples said...

Thanks Alisha. I do want feedback on what other parents use for their kids. I'm trying to decide if I should use Dreft for Addy or just change our detergent for everybody. And I didn't know Aubrey has eczema too. But it all makes sense. Allergies and skin conditions go hand in hand.

Amy said...

Been there with Noah. His (atopic) looked like a scalding all over his back, neck and bottom. More or less it looked like we dragged him across the asphalt. We used Aquaphor (messy but a miracle) and for soap Cetaphil. Those have done wonders. We still have to use it and it's been a year. He still has it really bad on his neck. It really wants to come back in full force but the use of these two products won't allow it. As you know every kid is different, this is just what worked for Noah. I certainly hope it gets better, it looks like she has open sores. Poor thing. Now Michele, you had no control over the eczema and you are not horrible. Eczema is one of those things that can look horrifying but is far less severe to the sufferer. You are fabulous, pat yourself on the back!

Nicole said...

Oh Michelle i am so sorry for little Addy! I hope she gets better soon. I will say a little prayer for her sweet little body!

Sarah Hille said...

Michelle don't feel bad at all about it- you didn't DO this to her and now you're doing everything you can to stop it from getting worse! That makes you a great mom!
I know besides banana's and avocados they say to avoid kiwi fruit- I think it has the same thing in it.
I know a friend who uses All Free & Clear on everyone's clothes to help- since you never know when a stray sock, blanket, or whatever ends up in someone elses wash.
Good luck I know you're doing all the right things for her!

momaof4 said...

Hi there!
Kristan's friend again. First I have to tell you I made the turkey brine. So awesome. Thank you for sharing.

Second, on middle boy has Eczema. We used the Aquaphor and Dove soap. I think he is growing out of it a bit, but if it flairs up to bad I also used Cortizon cream.

I hope your able to see an alergiest (SP) I think they would be super helpful in helping you find just the right thing!

michelestaples said...

Hi to Kristan's friend! I'm so glad you guys made your turkey. It's soo worth the extra effort. And we started using the Aquaphor also!