Saturday, February 7, 2009

Addison Mae, 18 months old!

Addison is 18 months old today. I know that it's not a real birthday, but it is a milestone. In the next six months she will be entering the 2's. By the time all of my other girls were 18 months old, I already had a newborn. She really is the sweetest little girl, and so happy. She loves shoes, hats and to dress up. Today we had two outfits changes for our photo shoot. And she loved every minute of it.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Addison!!
Those are great pictures of your littlest cutie! : )
Glad that you are having fun with your new camera, you take GREAT pictures.
Hope you all are doing well, Alisha

mcmom said...

Happy 18 months my little one. Your auntie loves you so much.
By the way every month is a birthday to me when they are this young.

The Hamby's said...

You are great mommy! AND great photographer! And Addison is a cutie pie... :)