Wednesday, February 4, 2009

My New TOY!

I am a proud new owner of a Canon XSI! You have no idea how excited I am. I love my old camera (a Canon S3-IS) and would recommend it to everyone. But I don't like to use my flash and like taking pictures in low light. My pictures weren't coming out as clear as I liked with the old camera. I'm not sure how I talked my husband into getting me one. Since he has no idea why on God's green earth would you spend more than $200 on a camera and still thinks 3 mega pixels is enough. (Some 12 year old Target salesman told him that back in 2003 and he still believes it.) My new one has 12 mega pixels. Anyways. (I know, silly me for taking my picture with it, but I thought kissing it might be inappropriate.)

I love it and will be taking pictures all day, week, month, year and forever. I could use some models who sit still if you are willing. Any takers? Wink, Wink.

p.s. Chelsea I will definitely take some pictures of Duma the next time we are there!


mcmom said...

I can not put into words how happy I am for you!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait for you to use it next month to take some family photos.

Amy said...

There is nothing like a fancy camera, it does make a world of difference. We are Nikon DSLR users and it has been the best purchase. Good for you, I hope you have a blast with it.

The Hamby's said...

You can take our pics which would mean a trip for either you or I and our kids! ....okay, maybe not! ha! But I love your pics and you dress your girls so darn cute!!!

michelestaples said...

Angie, A trip by myself to take pictures sounds like heaven! Someday, I do want to come back there. Ft. Smith was my favorite place that we lived and I wish we had never moved.