Friday, February 13, 2009

My new wall art.

I ordered some enlargements of some of the pictures I've taken recently. I'm trying to decide which print lab to use. These pictures are 10x10's. I should of went frame shopping first, cause then I would of realized how hard it is to find frames for 10x10. I ended up with these frames that were 12X12 and the mat actually makes the photo 8x8. I love them. They look awesome on my wall.
I have to thank my husband for his handy work, hanging these pictures. I've never hung a picture in my life. He's awesome and perfect and measures these and levels them.

This arrangement has been on our wall since we've moved here. We had a bunch of mismatched frames and just hung them on the wall. I love these too.


Amy said...

Good for you Michele for printing out pictures and hanging them. I have no excuse, not one picture of my kids hanging. I have two pictures in sitting frames. I am just not on the ball. You are an inspiration, you have 4 small kids and I have the two...more and more I am realizing things are possible if you just set your mind to it. Girl, you are pretty amazing.

michelestaples said...

Amy thank you for saying such nice things. All moms with small kids need assurances. But I have to say, I am not amazing. I just learned I have to do the things I love, like taking pictures, to keep me sane. Do you have a blog too? I'd love to read yours and see pics of your kids. I hear your little girl is very cute.