Monday, February 2, 2009

Josh's Super Bowl Buddies

These are Josh's Super Bowl buddies. Aren't they cute? (They loved the Super Bowl because they got to snack all day.)

He really enjoyed the game. He wasn't really rooting for anyone. He just watches for the love of the game. He did get bugged every once and awhile by questions like, "Daddy is this football?, Is your game over yet, Daddy?"

It's amazing how his eyes never leave the game, even while eating.

Even with his wife taking pictures, his eyes are still on the game.

We made these yummy chicken wings from Costco.

These were my favorite. Also from Costco.

And these were heaven. Steak bites. Basically steak sauteed in butter. Courtesy of The Pioneer Woman.

I also made homemade cheese dip. Usually I use Velveeta, but this time I used several different cheeses.

I like me some dump cake.


Christie said...

Wow, now that's some super bowl food. Your blog is so fun!
Found you on pioneer woman.

Amy said...

This is classic Michele. He is a blank stare at the game, I love it. It is a positive thought, 4 children, two's an instant party anytime. The food looks so good (my effort was a bag of pretzels, my husband was completely disappointed).

mcmom said...

I'll be right over to eat all the left overs.

michelestaples said...

Christie, thanks for checking me out. I love to share.

Amy, My thoughts exactly! Why invite anyone over when we already have six people here!