Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Day!

Wow! I can't believe Christmas is over. It came and went very fast this year. Every Christmas I always wonder what the next year will bring, and how much older my girls will be next year. Next year Laney will be in Kindergarten and be turning 6, our youngest Addy will be 2 1/2 (that will seem very strange to me since we have always had a baby around.) I know I just need to focus on the now and enjoy this time I have at home with them all to myself. We had a good Christmas. My Mom and Dad came to our house, which I am so thankful for. We really don't like to be all by ourselves on Christmas. The kids had a really good time with them. They just left this morning and our next guests will be arriving tonight! Christmas eve we had a ham and went to look at Christmas lights. Last year Josh and stayed up late to wrap all the presents on Christmas Eve, this year we wrapped the night before Christmas Eve and only had to protect the presents under the tree for one day. The girls now have lots of stuff to keep them busy, this very moment I have two munchkins sleeping and two playing their new hippo game. Thank you to everyone who spoiled our girls this Christmas and for loving them as much as we do.

Addison in the Rose Petal Cottage Santa brought them.

Addison wanted to continuously be wrapped in the blanket Grandma Sherry made for her.

Daddy and princess Savanna playing light sabers. Our Star Wars fanatic Laney asked Santa for a light saber, so he brought us three!

Savanna in the Rose Petal Cottage.

Everyone with their special quilts from Papa John and Grandma Sherry. If you look closely Savanna is applying lip stuff (what is it with two year olds and their need to use the whole tube in one day?) and Addison is holding up her new toothbrush.

My princesses! Well three of them anyway.

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