Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Laney is 5!

Laney had her fifth birthday yesterday. I can't believe she's five. She's the most caring and giving five year old. She's also very independent and wants to do everything for herself. Yesterday I made her waffles and fried apples for breakfast and then she opened presents. We took Laney, her sisters and her cousins to her favorite bounce house. Then we went Red Robin for Lunch and the Build a Bear store after that. Josh made a prime rib dinner and I made her girly star wars cupcakes. Her favorite character is Luke Skywalker. Happy Birthday Laney Rose!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Princess Laney!!!
Looks like you had a fun 5 yr. birthday.

Wow, Michele I can't believe that she is 5 years old already, time sure flies fast!
Glad that you had a good Christmas too!
love Alisha and the family

Anonymous said...

I forgot to say too that I love Laney's new hair cut, she looks so cute and so grown-up. : )