Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy 2009

Happy New Years! We started the day off at the aquarium and botanical gardens. We had lots of fun there, then we went to lunch at El Pinto. If you come to Albuquerque you have to eat at El Pinto. Then Josh and I left seven kids with three adults and went on a date. We were gonna go to a movie, but decided to go to dinner instead. We ate a P.F. Changs. Yummy! Then we came home and watched Star Wars with Laney and Brandan. All the kids said they were staying awake until midnight, but only Laney and Morgan stayed awake. Laney barely stayed awake. Her eyes would close and then she would shake herself awake. Kristan, Josh, Morgan, Laney and I were the only ones awake to countdown and then set off our sparklers. What a year we've had! Our family left this morning. We miss them already and are so thankful they were able to come. We all really had a wonderful time. The kids missed each other and played very well together.

Josh, Laney and Morgan doing New Year's sparklers.

Midnight on New Years with jammies on.

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