Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year's resolutions!

Usually I don't make new year's resolutions because I have to just go with flow. Or I have been pregnant and just concentrating on the next baby and adjusting the other kids to our new addition. This year Addison is almost 18 months old and I have no new baby in my tummy. Also the girls are getting older and I can do more things with them and they understand more things now. Here is a list of our new year's resolutions.

1. Go jogging five days a week and loose 30 lbs in the next three months
( I took the month of December off because the best part of the holidays is the food, and I didn't want to get up in the morning because the holidays wear me out)

2. Learn to sew
(I have so many ideas on fun stuff to make for the girls)

3. Further my photography passion
(I need a new professional camera and equipment, and lots more practice)

4. Try to let go of things and have more patience

1. See the butterflies at the botanical gardens
(they don't come back until May)

1. Watch all the Barbie movies as many times in the year that's humanly possible
(she didn't really say that but it sounds like her)

1. Be the sweetest and most crankiest person at the same time, oh and drive her sisters crazy
(hey that sounds like 2008)

1. Do every thing her sisters do

1. Make more money then he did last year

We want to know what your new year's resolutions are. Post them in the comments box.

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