Saturday, January 24, 2009

Dance, Gymnastics!

Doesn't she look like a ballerina?

Little girls in tap shoes, So cute. If you look closely to the top left hand corner you can see Laney checking her self out in the mirror.

Today we ventured out of the house to try our luck at dance class. In the morning Addy and Savanna and I did a mommy and baby class. We aren't gonna do that again, because they really didn't get that much out of it. And if I'm gonna pay for something like that, I'd really like to have a break while doing it. Laney and Olivia had their class later on in the day. Livi said she wanted to do a dance class and Lane said she wanted to do gymnastics. Olivia loves dance and very badly wants to be a ballerina. This class combines both dance and gymnastics. The girls were awesome. I tried Laney in a dance class when she was three and it was a nightmare. She wouldn't pay attention to the teacher and she was distracting all the other kids by trying to make friends with them. This class was much different this time around. She listened, obeyed and had fun. She loved the gym part. Olivia was very disciplined and wanted to learn as much as she could about the dance movements. Sometimes they would stay together as sisters and sometimes they would go there own way. I really thought Olivia would cling to Laney. These kids are so amazing. Savanna and Addy watched their sisters through the window.

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mcmom said...

I am so glad you guys had fun today. Good job girls.