Sunday, January 18, 2009

The zoo (not my house, the real one)

We went to the Albuquerque zoo today. Uncle Brian and Aunt Chelsea are here and we had never been to this zoo before. We had the best time! I am so impressed that such a small zoo can be so cool! All the animals were out and playing. We saw lots of baby animals. I got a video of a snow leopard doing a handstand. We heard the lion actually roar. An orangutan put his hand on the glass and then waved at us. The baby snow leopard wanted to play with us. They had baby giraffes. We even saw polar bears. I can't wait for our cousins to come back so we can take them there. We will be visiting the zoo much more often now. The girls love it also. Olivia says she wants a baby snow leopard for Christmas. I'm always amazed at how almost unreal the animals look. I'm so thankful for zoos, so we can see these glorious creatures in real life.

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