Wednesday, January 28, 2009

How to take better pictures of your kids.

I just took these pictures today. I was trying to take Addy's 18 month photos, but she has a slight fever and really didn't want to have her picture taken. But I thought I would share some of my tips on how to take good pictures of your kids and have good time while doing it.

1. Don't worry too much about there apparel. In these pics, my kids where still in there jammies. Some of my favorite pictures of the girls are when they are all messy or naked. Obviously, Savanna had been eating chocolate and hadn't had her hair brushed.

2. To get my kids to want to have their picture taken, I set up some props and their curiosity usually brings them to me. Like in these pictures, I set up this floor mat as a backdrop on their bed and started taking pictures of Addy and they all came and sat down. Try placing baskets in your backyard, where you want them to sit and I'm sure your kids will climb into them or sit on them.

3. Take their pictures while they are playing outside or in their room, have your camera ready and wait till they look at you. I usually take my camera into their bedroom, while they are playing, and sit on the floor.

4. Get to their level. I'm usually sitting or laying down.

5. Take the pictures in black and white or edit them into black and white. Then you don't have to worry about the colors not blending. Here's what these pictures would look like in color.

6. Let them take some pictures with your camera. The picture below of me, Olivia took. (Don't judge my appearance, I hadn't showered yet.)

7. Let them be silly and take the pictures they ask you to. Like the picture below of Laney's foot, she asked if I would take it and then thought it was so funny that I got the really cute picture of her and Olivia right after.
8. Use the light from a window. All of these pictures were taken right in front of window. The light is really flattering and makes black and whites look awesome. I didn't use the flash.

9. Use your zoom, and get in close. Too much background can take away from the kids. You can also trim the photo with the editing software on your computer.

10. I'm trying to make up a tenth tip, just so it's even! I'm blank, but once I figure out how to take a picture of Savanna where she's smiling and not messy, I'll share those with you. Oh, that kid.


The Hamby's said...

Good tips! I love to take pics of my kids! Thanks!

mcmom said...

You are the best picture taker ever!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Here's another one... ask them about their favorite things, food, toys... or to tell about the fun day they had. Their eyes light up as they think of those things!