Monday, January 5, 2009

Potty Training Child number 3

Today we started potty training Savanna. She has been telling us for a few weeks now when she goes potty. She also wakes up in the morning after she pees and wants her diaper changed. Yesterday I bought her some new panties and pull-ups and told her in the morning she was gonna go in the potty and wear panties. This morning as soon as she woke up I took her dry diaper off and put her on the big potty. She wanted the little potty, so I told her to hold on and I would get her the little potty from the garage. When I got back she had peed on the floor. Opps! All day I will bu putting Savanna on the potty every 10 minutes and probably cleaning several messes. She is very possessive of her potty and every time she gets up Addy sits there. I know once she actually goes in the potty and gets a piece of candy, she will get it and do it all the time. Wish us luck!


Amy said...

I know it has to be done but I am so not looking forward to this. I wish you and Savanna only the best of luck.

Anonymous said...

Good luck to you and Savanna. : )