Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Staples sisters, future rock stars!

Ok, I'll set up the scene for you. I've said this before, but Olivia lives in Barbie princess world. She really believes she is a princess. The newest barbie movie is Barbie and the Diamond castle. It's about two best friends on a journey together and they sing a lot. They also play a guitar. Olivia made a pretend guitar with her book and a headband. She will bring a chair and make me sit and watch her. Then she starts her show, and she expects us to clap for her. She is singing the song from the movie. This has happened several times this week. Yesterday, it finally hit me that I should get it on camera. So she sat and performed her solo perfectly. Laney wanted to get in on the action. She's really awesome at making up her own songs. The next video is of her. I chose this video of Laney and Olivia singing together. I see future stars in the making. I'm gonna be like the Jonas brothers mom! I've always swore that I would not live out my dreams through my kids, but if they love to sing and perform, then go with it! We will be accepting any offers for music contracts! Hehe. By the way the words are supposed to be, "Wherever your here for me, I'm here for you." Laney thinks it says, "Hippo me, instead of here for me!"


Amy said...

This is good stuff Michele! I love the "Hippo me"....so very cute.

Anonymous said...

The girls are soo singing and playing their guitar! : )