Friday, January 30, 2009

Chisel off the ole' hips, baby!

I can't believe I'm doing this! Posting a picture of my hips for the whole world to see. But, I need some accountability to get back on the bandwagon again. I was doing really awesome before Christmas, but am starting all over again. I have been jogging, but I have not been eating well. Anyways.
I thought maybe there were others out there who would want to be my
accountability partners in the weight loss, area. (Kristan, I need you)
My idea is to first post a picture of myself (I'm seriously considering erasing this whole thing right now.) And then share how I am trying to get the weight off. And MAYBE post pictures of the progress I'm making. So if anyone out there wants to do this with me, lets share our food and exercise ideas on our blogs. Are you as excited as I am about this?! (cheesy grin on my face masking the horror of posting my chubby picture)

Things that get me motivated
1. This post and declaration to the world that I'm trying to loose weight.
2. A shopping trip after I'm down a couple of sizes, with no kids or hus
band for a whole day, maybe two of shopping. (I love my husband, but he is not a patient shopper, and the kids well...I'm sure you can picture what it looks like taking four little girls to the mall)
3. I took a picture of myself naked (don't worry, I won't be posting that one, it's already been erased)
4. I want my girls to have a healthy body image, but I also want to be a good example of health
5. I'm seriously considering buying a dress for this summer that is too small, so I have to fit into it

6. While I'm jogging, I picture my self in a short, knit blue dress on the beach (It helps me push myself while I exercise)

Things I am trying to do, to loose weight
1. Jog at least four times a week, but hopefully five times

2. I have been eating Special K cereal in the morning(the cinnamon pecan one is really good), chicken noodle soup(I got a case of this soup at Costco, my kids like it, too) or salad for lunch, and then I eat whatever the family is eating for dinner, even if it's pizza, just smaller portions
3. I'm trying not to snack,

but if I do snack my foods of choice are a handful of almonds,
carrots, or these yummy fruit sticks if I'm in the mood for sweets.(the kids like those also)
4. Drink more water (I don't like plain old water, so I add crystal light)

My hurdles
My mind (mindlessly eating while I am at home)
2. My kids (taking bites of their food or eating what's left on their plate)
3. My husband (he can eat whatever he wants and not gain weight, and he eats dessert every night. These bad boys are gonna be the death of me.
Josh bought them at Costco and I've already eaten two of them)
4. Just plain unwillingness (Just not wanting to eat good or exercise)

5. Dr. Pepper (I can taste it right now)

P.S. I don't weigh myself, I'd rather go by the size I can wear and how I feel. I've always weighed more than I look, so I don't like to judge myself that way. Plus it brings back too many pregnancy memories, at the doctors, when I would have an eight pound weight gain in two weeks.


Sarah Hille said...

I'm right there w/ you!! I think I need to jump on this bandwagon too... I'm not quite ready to post my pics yet though! :)
Those hips gave birth to 4 beautiful girls, so give them a break! But I totally understand why you want to feel & look better! I have a wedding in May (Mandy Frohling- do you remember her?) so I have to get into the MOH dress! I'll be happy to cheer you on!
~Sarah H.

mcmom said...

We are going to do it girl. I am so proud of you.

Lauren said...

i know i am a stranger who wandered over here... saw a comment you made on another blog (pioneerwoman) and, being a redhead, was intrigued.

anyways, i applaud that you want to be healthy (and not getting on the scale... scary stuff.. haha), but i couldn't go without saying this:

don't deprive yourself too much during the day, you might end up binging later on because you get so hungry. that's my experience, at least... and i just wanted to share my two cents! have fun, though... new clothes are fun and a great motivator!

p.s. i still think you look great, anyway, especially for having four kids!