Friday, January 23, 2009

Deals, Deals, Deals!

I just had to share some of the great deals at stores right now. Yesterday, we went shopping and JCPenny had all their clearance stuff BOGO free! I got the girls some new High School Musical Jammies for $3. I also got some good stuff from the Gap. All of there clearance stuff was an extra 25% off. I got the red heads some green polka dot dresses for Easter for $8. They also had a bunch of tank tops for spring for $3-$5. I got two outfits for a friend who's having a baby boy for $11. At Old Nay I got Addy's easter dress for $5 and Laney two spring dresses for $10. She will only wear dresses now. It's like pulling teeth to get that girl to wear pants. I love getting good deals. When you have four little girls you gotta get the good deals. Here's some pictures of the girls new jammies. Addy's are my favorite.

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Amy said...

Thank you! I really appreciate knowing what's out there right now. I will only look for deals and I like what you are telling me. And yes, Addy's jammies are the best! Too cute.