Friday, December 19, 2008

Work with Daddy

Savanna is extremely close to Josh and the other day when he left for work, she threw a huge fit 'cause he wouldn't take her with him. She put her shoes on and everything. So today, Josh just wanted to go into work to check on things. He took Laney, Olivia, and Savanna with him. Can you imagine how that's gonna go? I wish I was there with a camera. The girls were beside themselves. They have been dying to go to work with Daddy. With three girls gone, that leaves me with one little Addy Mae. We are watching Mamma Mia and I probably take a shower and get dresses while they are gone. I can't remember the last time I was almost home alone!
The girls warming up on the couch after playing in the snow the other day.


mcmom said...

Enjoy your alone time you deserve it.

Anonymous said...

Hope that the girls had a good day with their Daddy and that you enjoyed some alone time with the littlest one. : )