Monday, December 8, 2008

Family Devotions

Last night we had our first family devotion. I hadn't started doing this before, because I didn't think the girls would sit and listen. The only one listening was Laney, but hey, you gotta start sometime. It was a very short lesson on where the Bible came from, how God created us and we should follow his rules in the Bible, and little bit of the christmas story. Laney listened and answered all the questions I asked correctly. Savanna sat in Daddy's lap and Addy in mine. Olivia kept bowing in her ballerina costume and repeating "Yes your highness." She lives in barbie princess world. So I asked her "Where was baby Jesus born?" and she said, "At the doctor's!" Then I asked her "Where did the bible come from?" and she said, "From your room!"

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