Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

No we are not Irish!  I answered that question several times today, out and about with the kids.  But HELLO, I have two red headed children and all of them were wearing green.  I have a bad memory of being pinched when I was in kindergarten for not wearing green.  I decided to try and not let that happen to my kids.  They went to MOPS today and were gonna be around other children.  Plus, this green dress is the red heads Easter dress.  I thought I would get more use out of their dresses and put them in them today.  I didn't dye any food green, however, I did make corned beef.  No cabbage, I didn't think my family would eat it, so I made Caesar salad instead!  Hey, it's green too!

Our attempt at a picture with the timer on my camera.  We tried several times and this was the best one.

Olivia eating her corned beef and salad.

Savanna is a eater and loved her corned beef.

LB (Laney Bugs)

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