Friday, March 20, 2009

My husband keeping the kids busy

I love it when my husband decides to build something.  He wanted to make a fountain.  And it's really cool.  I love to watch him build stuff, because he's always thinking really hard, and he has to redo stuff the kids undid.  The beauty of having four small kids.  The girls love doing projects with him, and left me alone long enough to take a long shower and paint my toenails!

He built it out of two cheap planter containers and a water pump.  He put it right outside our bedroom window, and the water sound is very relaxing.  I'm listening to it right now.  But the sound of my girls fighting over their imaginary friend Luke Skywalker trumps the relaxing fountain.

The girls put some dirt in the fountain, so he had to start over again and pour out the dirty water.  And yes, Savanna is drinking that dirty water.  

Taping the holes on the bottom so the water doesn't leak out.

Making a hole for the water pump to come through.

This is what I was doing.  Aren't my toenails pretty.  I think every momma that sometimes doesn't leave the house for days, needs to paint their toenails.  Don't make fun of my freakishly long toes, my husband does that all the time.  I can pick things up with them.   God knew I would have lots of crazy kids, and thought I could use some extra help.  Thank you God for my freakishly long toes, sometimes they come in handy.

He's thinking real hard.  And he's so cute while doing it.

I love that my man knows how to use a drill.  See how the planter is already chipped on the side?  That would be the handy work of my crazy kids.

He put some rocks from our backyard in it, and it really makes it soooo much better.

The girls dropping coins and making wishes in their new fountain.

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Amy said...

I needed to read this entry today! Not only to find out you have freakishly long toes but to laugh out loud at the quarrel over the imaginary friend. I think I would have had to run to another room if my kids were to fight over an imaginary friend to die laughing. I know it's very serious (to them). I love the fountain, I have heard over the years how handy Josh is. And yes, isn't it nice to have a handy husband. Mine has softer hands than me but he can fix anything. He too has the thinking face that is worth a thousand words. Great job Josh and you did a fabulous job on your monkey toes. :) I am only jealous, I have stubs. So I guess I practically have hooves. I guess I am just thankful I can walk.