Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Update on Addison and a little preaching

So we took Addison to the doctor yesterday.  The pediatrician was very nice, but couldn't really do much more for her than I could.  He did recommend a dermatologist and an allergist.  Her spots look much better.  Thank you for every one's support and encouragement.   But that was how I was feeling that moment.  And I think to be the best momma possible, I have to share how I am feeling.  And not pretend I have it all together.  Somehow I felt responsible. I am very thankful for the health of my children and things could be much worse.  I found a blog through McMama, of  a momma who just gave birth to a beautiful baby boy after losing her previous son at birth.  Her new baby was diagnosed with a very severe skin disease.  (There's a link on my page, the pray for baby Jonah one.)  And it made me very thankful for my Addy Mae's issues.  It's hard for me to read her blog and look at the pictures of her son, but my heart goes out to her.  Her dedication to God through all of her pain is very inspiring.  And the only thing they can hold on to, is the power of prayer.  It takes me back to the birth of my nephew Logan.   A constant reminder of how much God truly loves us.  I used to say stuff about how God's love is all encompassing, but now after being a mom, I really understand how much he loves us and suffers with us when we are in pain.    

I think the best and worst part of being a mother is the hole of emotions it opens up.  The wonderful feeling of love that overcomes you.  But also the worry and fear and absolute pain you feel when one of your babies is in danger.   I am a pretty darn amazing mom, (some days anyways), but I am not perfect.  I can't imagine being a mother without Jesus by my side.  And it's not that he makes me a better person, it's the fact that he's there with me, for me to pour my heart out to.  And I am so thankful that he cares about my Addy Mae's skin issues as much as he cares about babies like Logan and Jonah. 


Sarah Hille said...

Oh my gosh, Michelle, I am STILL crying right now because of those pictures of that poor, sweet baby.
You're right, it makes you really start to understand how God loves us like we love our children. I can't even imagine- but I have a small taste of it. That baby, and his whole family, are in my prayers. How wonderful that they can still glorify God in their situation- one that would have surely caused so many to question and doubt.
Wow... it puts my whole day into perspective. my whole life, really. I will probably steal that link and add it to my page...

McMom said...

Our children are such a gift from the Lord. You are such a good mom that always shows how much you love that gift.