Thursday, March 26, 2009


There are times in our house when everyone gets along.  When the girls decide it's much more fun to play than to fight and argue.  These times make me a very happy Mom.  Now that Savanna is approaching 3, she is starting to get along better with her older sisters.  Addison plays sometimes, but she mostly likes to hang out with me all day.  I love the kinds of things they come up with.  They have amazing imaginations. 

Here they are playing school.  This was a few days ago.  Laney was the teacher and the other two were the students.  They were saying adorable things like, "Quite please, I'm taking names." And, "Is it music time, No music time is tomorrow."  They also took turns being the teacher.  I was surprised that even Savanna played along.
Here they were playing restaurant.  It took me an hour to curl her hair with a curling iron.  She's always asking for curly hair like Olivia.  The curls have already fallen out.