Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Spring is in the Air, Every time I look around

Every day after Christmas, Laney has been asking me if Spring is here.  I would say no, and then she would be sad.  I know how she feels.  Once Christmas is over, every thing is just brown here.  Brown dirt and grass is not very inspiring.  Alas, Spring is here once again.  

So when you have four little girls, and not a single one of them in school, you dress them up and take their picture.  They were not really in the mood, so I didn't get a whole lot of good ones.  I did get a good one of the red heads.  Generally they don't get along real well, having red hair and all.  But I guess they were in love this day.  

I apologize for the booger picture, but Spring brings allergies and colds.  Josh has allergies and us girls all have colds.  I wouldn't be keeping it real without a booger picture.   By the way, I got all of these dresses, on clearance, for six dollars at Target.  And these hats were a dollar, also at Target.


Happy McNally Mom said...

Love the pictures.

Amy said...

I wanted that little pink hat for Kinsey and she kept throwing it on the ground in the store. So cute, she is missing out. Your girls look so cute and ready for Spring....runny noses and all.