Thursday, March 5, 2009

This week in photos

I have missed several postings this week.  Due to sore throats, doctor appointments, and I couldn't find the black cord that attaches my camera to the computer.  Hum, I wonder where it is?  Anyways.  I thought I would do a week in photos to catch up!

Can you tell which red head this is?  They are starting to look the same to me, too.

Since there is only one of me and four of them, I put them to work.  Even Addy Mae has to pull her own weight!  (Yeah right, she just likes to hold the broom.)

Laney is the best cleaner that we have.  In fact, she got 5 dollars this week, because she helped both Josh and I clean.  Olivia cleans when she wants to, and apparently felt she needed to help that day.  Savanna was conveniently missing.  I guess I'll give her a break, after all she's only two.

My handsome husband eating at the counter.  Why is he eating dinner at the counter you say?  Well we have a pretty cute dinner table that we bought when we only had two kids.  And now our family doesn't fit at it anymore.  He could of pulled up another chair, but we usually end up getting up thousands of times to hand out seconds and refill juice cups.

This night the girls were asleep by eight.  Josh and I had apple pie with home made whipped cream.
And espresso from our stove top espresso maker.  With home made whipped cream on top of that, too.

Sometimes I let the kids play with water in the sink for fun!  Just kidding.  I was in the closet like a foot away.  Turned around and saw them like this.  My, they are sneaky! (These are Savanna's favorite jammies.  I try to wash them everyday, because she asks for them every night.)

Lord knows what they were doing with this toothbrush.  Thankfully it was Josh's and not mine. 

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