Friday, March 27, 2009

Sleeping babes

I have three kiddos napping, so I thought I would share some sleeping pictures.  I don't usually give my two older kids a nap, so we can put them to bed between 7:30 and 8:00.  I know that sounds crazy because nap time is like heaven to Mommies.  It is to me, too.  But I'd rather them be in bed at 8:00 then 10:00.  We just moved Savanna into the older girls bed at night.  And they have been staying up laughing and playing when they were supposed to be sleeping.  Anyways, yesterday I didn't give Savanna a nap so she would be so tired at night, she wouldn't stay up and play.  She was coloring on the couch next to me, I looked over and found her like this.

This is a real time photo.  The red heads are asleep like this, this very moment.  Aren't they so sweet when their sleeping.  So sweet that it almost erases all the crazy things they have already done this morning.  These two are know for their knock down, drag out fights.  One major fight this morning and several little ones through the afternoon.  But not now, it's all peacefulness.  My lovely sleeping red heads.

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