Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sunday Morning Breakfast

You know it's gonna be a long day when...   You wake up and your hair looks like this!

Since I usually make a real breakfast on Sunday mornings, I thought I would share what we make.  I'm always looking for new ideas.  This morning was egg and cheese sandwiches with hash browns.

These were frozen hash browns, that you just put in the oven.

Fry an egg in butter.

Add a piece of cheese while the egg is cooking and then put it on top on toast.

Gosh I sound like a dork!

 Because my husband thinks every meal needs meat, I added a piece of left over tri tip from dinner last night.

And added some salsa to the love of my life's breakfast sandwich.

This is a serious bad hair day for Addy Mae!


Sarah Hille said...

Breakfast is my favorite!!

We do "bag-omelets".
Use a sturdy Freezer bag (this is important, as other bags melt). Crack 2 eggs into the bag and have your kids squish them up. Add a bit of salt and pepper. Then we make a "buffet line" of ingredients for omelets- ham, cheese, green onion, pepper, or whatever anyone likes in their omelets. Let everyone go through and put their own mix together. Then drop the freezer bag into a pot of boiling water. Let it cook for about 5 minutes, pull it out, press the uncooked insides around, and drop it back in for about 3-5 min more, until you can't see any more uncooked egg inside the bag. then just cut the top off the bag and slide the bag contents out onto a plate. Its the only way I have ever found to make multiple omelets for multiple people and get everyone hot food at the same time!!

Amy said...

Addy's hair brings back childhood memories for me. My Mom thought at one point a rat would sleep in my hair during the night...hence "rat's nest". This term was always used to describe my hair. Kinsey is lucky enough to have the same hair. I think Addy's hair is really cute even with bed-head! The breakfast looks so good and it really is unfortunate that you do not live closer. I am sure with your brood you would not notice four more people at your "pretty cute dinner table"...right? :)

McMom said...

I love her hair. Let her know that Auntie will be right there to eat with her and her crazy hair.