Sunday, March 15, 2009

Our family project

We (me) decided to start a family project.  A garden!  The girls got our garden area cleaned out and fenced off.  Josh checked all the sprinklers and helped get rid of some dead plants.  We also planted some seeds in starter containers, because it's still pretty cold at night here.  I've never tried to plant a garden, so hopefully this works and something grows.  Laney has been wanting to plant a garden for a very long time.

Josh "supervising".Three girls can get a lot done, when they put their mind to it.

We found lots of rolly pollies under the leaves and rocks.

Laney, such a hard worker. Olivia with another rolly polly on her shovel.

My, this one gets dirty.

 I guess Daddy and Vannies needed a break.

Our temporary inside containers.  We can plants these straight into the ground when it's time.

We added water to these pellets and they turned into dirt.  Pretty cool.

We are starting with tomatoes and these African daisies.

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Amy said...

We are doing the same thing. We have our starter containers and letting them sprout. Obviously this is a project for the adults because my kids are too young. Although Noah could help dig the holes. Maybe next year. Good luck with your tomatoes. Those daisies will be super pretty in a vase. I didn't think to do flowers....hmmm. I think I'm going to have to pick up some flower seeds. Good idea!